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World-Class Social Media Management from Just $495/Month

Social media marketing is fun, free and easy.
At least, it is when you have a professional social media management company building followers and turning fans into conversions! 

The hard fact is that true social media marketing takes strategy, commitment and long-term dedication. How often have you visited a company's Facebook page to find that it has not been updated in weeks, or visited a Twitter feed to see that customer questions (or, worse, complaints) go unanswered? These are signs that the company is either out of business or well on its way there. 

Social media marketing requires strategy, and our strategy is simple but effective: 

  • We stay engaged with your customers!
  • We will make at least two relevant, informative posts to your social media holdings every business day. 
  • We will respond to every question, inquiry, comment or complaint within four business hours. 

Other social media marketing agencies charge upwards of $1,000 per month for this service, but After Hours Executive offers professional social media management to suit any budget.

This strategy has proven successful for our portfolio of clients, ranging from a one-person cupcake shop to a $1B global corporation. This strategy will be successful for your business, too, and getting started is easy:


Create any account, and your account manager will contact you within 24 hours to get started.

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