Telemarketing Services

Professional Telemarketing Services from Just $10/Hour

Directly connect with your prospects through one of the most personal forms of marketing.
 Telemarketing is shown to have one of the highest returns on investment of all direct marketing channels, and now your business can afford telemarketing services! 

Our virtual call center can quickly take on your project and deliver results in as little as a few days. Professional, well-spoken telemarketers directly connect with your customers and prospects, deliver a professionally developed script, actively listen for responses and offer soft but firm rebuttals. You will receive a report of each call's disposition weekly, daily or at the end of your campaign.

Professional makes the difference! Our virtual call center uses nothing but the highest quality equipment and high-speed data connections. Located in the USA and the Philippines, our agents are native English speakers carefully trained to personally connect with each and every prospects. Not marketing to an English-speaking country? No problem! We can also connect in Hindi, Spanish and a variety of other languages.  

How can we help make your telemarketing campaign a success? 

  • Professional script development helps directly connect with your customers and prospects.
  • List-building services help reduce costs by pre-qualifying the prospects on your list.  
  • Calls: We can make calls to your customers and prospects regardless of location or time zone.  
  • You will receive a detailed report of each call's disposition on the schedule you specify. 

Other call centers charge hundreds of dollars per hour for telemarketing services, but After Hours Executive offers professional telemarketing and support to suit any budget. With script development starting at just $50 and telemarketing from just $10 per hour, you will quickly see a return on your telemarketing investment. 

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